C.H.S - Cutie & Headshaking Sounds

Guideline for t+pazolite music usage

Last Update:06.10.21

*In the event that there is a statement regarding the use of the content that is separate from this guidelines (e.g., without Permission), the guidelines for that content will take precedence.

*If there is a difference in meaning between the Japanese and English versions, the Japanese version will be considered correct. Please let me know if you find any discrepancies.

For Personal Use

Unless explicitly stated otherwise, I cannot respond to individual permissions or questions regarding this guideline in principle.
In addition, t+pazolite and CHS are not responsible for any troubles with the music's contents.

Use in streams, videos, and SNSs (BGM on Youtube, Twitch, etc.)

You can use any of the music listed in the list of available music for free without prior permission.

If the song does not exist in this list, I treat it the same way if it satisfies both of the following two points.

The song was created by t+pazolite (not including collaborations and remixes).
You can view the release information on c-h-s.me, and the song does not have any notation of rights or source.

If both points do not apply, I will not be able to grant permission. Please be aware of this.

You can also monetize your videos.
However, to stream or publish your video on Youtube may be subject to ContentID. Please understand this in advance.
If you publish a video of playing a music game, please follow the terms and conditions of the game.

And it is optional, but it would be appreciated if you could write a song's credit when you publish your work.

Use in applications such as games and web services (music files are included or uploaded)

It depends on the following cases.

1. when a user publishes content in an application that allows users to create their in-game content, such as custom levels.
"Use in streams, videos, and SNSs" is applied.
Edits for games are also acceptable.
However, you can't monetize or sell the content.

2. developers and operators (both individuals and teams) who wish to use the music as official content.
Please contact me from the form.

Remixes, covers, and other fan works

You can publish your remixes, covers, performances, and other fan works on the web under the following conditions.

・It meets the requirements for "use in streams, videos, and SNSs."

・The released platform must be "public," such as Youtube, NicoNico, bilibili, Soundcloud, Twitter, etc.
- You may make your original song data available for free download on these platforms and your website.

・If you publish on Bandcamp, set the price to "$0 (Name Your Price)".
・The original song must be credited.

If you would like to distribute your work to subscription services (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.) through a distributor, include your work in a doujin-produced CD, or sell your work on sites such as Bandcamp or Booth, please contact me from the form.

Please note that I do not publish or send MIDI, stem datas, or voice samples for fan works.
Also, I treat the remixes that are created based on this guideline as unofficial. Please keep this in mind.

For other uses

Please contact me via the form.


I will not grant permission for content that is offensive to public order and morals under any circumstances.
If you wish to use the music in adult-oriented content or its advertisements, please contact me.

The list of available music is here.
For Academic or Educational Use

It follows "personal use" basically.
However, it would be helpful if you could let us know through the contact form.

For Business Use

Please contact me via the form.

FAQ (for personal uses)

・I have "A" (album name) on the list, but the song "B" is not on the list. Is it possible to use? (e.g., Oshama Scramble! (Uncut Edition) from Ponko2 Girlish)
No, I removed it from the list. So I cannot permit you to use it.

・The original song of "C"(title) is on the list, but can I use the "C remix"? (e.g., VOX Diamond and VOX Diamond (Srav3R Remix))
Please ask the remixer. t+pazolite's permissions follow the original song.

・Can I use the remix of "D" (remix song) available on t+pazolite's channel?
As the original author is a third party, I cannot allow you to use it.

・I found content violates the guidelines.
If necessary, I will contact that creator. Please be aware even if you report me, I will not reply to you individually.